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Child Support and Paternity


California Department of Child Support Services

  • Provides a Guide to Child Support in California

  • Open a child support case

  • Establish paternity

  • Child Support Guideline Calculator


Co-Parenting and Custody


Our Family Wizard

  • Message boards and accurate record-keeping communication system viewable by the court

  • Family calendar

  • Expense log


Talking Parents

  • Accurate record-keeping communication system for parents


OC Parenting Plans

  • Provides several factors to consider when determining the parenting plan for the age of your child

  • Sample time sharing plans


Divorce and Separation


Self-help centers, Superior Court of California, County of Orange

  • Hours and Locations

  • Provide limited procedural answers to questions. Do NOT provide any type of legal advice on your matter.

  • Workshops

  • Online Mediation Orientation

Any general information provided on this website does not constitute legal advice. Please contact us for guidance on your specific matter. 

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