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Firm Philosophy

Photo of mom and son

At Somoano Law, we believe everyone is entitled to quality legal representation without breaking the bank.  We specialize in limited scope matters, making access to legal guidance affordable, and will guide you through your options with an honest and direct approach.  Whether you are simply seeking legal advice on your situation, needing a lawyer to draft your pleadings and prepare your filings while you represent yourself in court, or wanting a lawyer to review the documents you have prepared, we are here to help you. 

A divorce, legal separation, custody dispute or financial support matter are some of life’s most sensitive and difficult challenges.  Maneuvering the legal system can be overwhelming and intimidating but the decisions you make now, both legal and personal, will have long-lasting implications for your family.  


Our purpose is to bring as much calmness and peace to your family as possible during this tumultuous period.  At this time in your life, you need a lawyer who will protect your rights while resolving your issue in the most efficient manner possible.  We focus on determining what actions are necessary to fulfill your goals and avoid those that will simply create needless conflict without serving any significant purpose and just increase your legal expenses.          


There are no winners when it comes to family law matters.  The more emotions can be managed and neutralized in this high-conflict situation, the sooner you will achieve stability in your life and can begin to rebuild.  Leah guides her clients with integrity and grace in the hopes of leaving your family in the best position possible as you embark on this new chapter of your life. 

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